Spiritual Success is rarely convenient

Are you one of those people who has gone through a period where you spent a lot of time on workshops, classes, meditation and reading towards your spiritual growth. And you reach the point where you feel like you’ve got it figure out, and the work is done for now?

So you stop doing it. You decide you don’t need more training or advice, because you have it figured out.

Isn’t it AMAZING how, as human beings, we start doing something that works, and then we STOP?

I know I have been caught up in this paradigm from time to time. And looking back, it was incredible how direct the connection was between my spiritual growth and general feelings of peace and contentment, and the amount of time that I spent working ON me by going to events where I am spiritually fed (which is hanging out with like minded people), workshops, seminars, reading relevant books, daily journaling, meditation and prayer.

It always seemed that months after I made this decision to “take a break” from continuing my personal growth and education, my level of happiness and hope declined exponentially.

In hindsight, what I realized was that putting my head down and just working, going about my days unconsciously, actually disconnected me from my awareness of spirituality which has always been my direct link to a successful, and happy life. (which by the way, I don’t take for granted today).

I realized that many of the greatest relationships and contacts I had made were actually made at spiritual centres, classes and volunteer events I had attended. In fact, many of the people I met almost a decade ago at church or church events are still in my life and having major impact.

I know it’s pretty convenient for me to tell you that committing to your spiritual growth, spiritual practices and bettering yourself is a good idea, because I am a minister.

But I am truly a product of the product. All I’m telling you is what I’ve personally done, and what’s made the biggest impact on me.

I would NOT be where I am today if not for the training, inspiration and guidance that I’ve invested in over the years.

There were times when I had to tithe from a place of absolute faith not knowing where the next dollar was coming from, or pay for the classes on a credit card. But that motivated me to apply what I learned, and take it seriously.

The late Jim Rohn had a great saying: Successful People Have Big Libraries.... Unsuccessful People Have Big TVs

.. and his point was that successful people practice the habit of learning, growing and investing in their own knowledge.

Looking back, I realize that when I took myself out of my learning, it impacted me directly. And when I began attending events that spiritually fed me and surrounding myself with like minded people; in other words-re-committed to my own growth, my life began to be more fantastic than ever before.

And I don’t just talk about this stuff... I literally practice it.

In fact, I made a commitment to blog at least three times a week on spirituality, and read at least one new book on the subject every month. Is it convenient to do this as well as create and deliver lectures and work and pray and meditate? Nope.

But that’s the point...

It’s your commitment to it that attracts it. You have to be willing to do what it takes, not what’s convenient.