The fullness of the Creator is.

Proverbs 30:5 NIV

“Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.”

Do you believe that in the midst of what is & is not, the fullness of God is?

Sometimes in our lives, or the lives of those we care about there are situations that appear distressing & painful. We may have difficulty believing an all loving, all good Source really exists.Life can feel bleak & even seemingly hopeless. Yet when we train ourselves to see through the eyes of Spirit, as Spirit sees, we begin to see the truth. All is well, whole perfect and complete…that in the midst of what is & is not, the fullness of God is. There is an unlimited supply of Goodness available for all of us. These are opportunities to open to It; to see It, believe It, trust It and to ultimately receive It. As soon as we open to the possibility of a new perspective, things may not change, but we see from the vantage point of the Truth. Nothing is broken, needs to be fixed, is bad or wrong in Spirit, and it’s all Spirit.

Circumstances  present a perfect opportunity to change our thinking. When we change from within, shifts happen outside us and the world gently transforms according to what we are willing to believe. Remember, first in our mind and then in form from the mind of God. We are powerful manifestors of God’s Good. What Good are you willing to multiply? What circumstance has ruffled your peace and perhaps needs a new perspective…What do the eyes of love see?

Praying from God, as God, rather than to God, what would you say?