From Dark to Light

When I was 13 I started drinking, smoking and hanging out with the kids who always seemed to be in trouble. For the next 13 years, my substance abuse got worse. I had little or no confidence in myself and used alcohol and marijuana to numb the pain that comes from not loving yourself. Somehow, though I kept a focus on the spiritual aspect of life.

I entered massage school and the instructor told us that we needed to heal ourselves if we were going to heal others. So, I quit drinking, smoking, and eating meat. In that class, I really gained an understanding that we are more than our bodies. I had firsthand evidence that there is more to life than we can see or understand. My curiosity was piqued. I had read and studied metaphysical books for years. But now, I couldn’t get enough.

A few years after I graduated from massage school, a girlfriend told me about a place in Missouri that had a peace chapel. She claimed that when she entered the chapel, “you couldn’t hold a negative thought if you wanted to.” The place was called Unity Village. Then she said that they have churches all over the world.

I was in my 20’s and not very wealthy. There were times when there was more month at the end of my money and I had to do some fancy financing. Often that meant putting groceries and other essentials on my credit card. It was not a good situation. So, remembering what my girlfriend had said, I found a Unity church close to my home in Reseda, CA.

Whenever I felt down, or was having trouble with money, I went to Unity. I would go late, sit in the back and leave early. Every time I went it was as if everyone in the room disappeared.  The minister and I were left in this tube of light and he was talking directly to me and my needs. When I left, I always felt better.

Years later, I met and married my wife. We talked about having kids and wanted to raise them with an organized spiritual system. So, we went church shopping. That’s when I remembered Unity. One Sunday, we went to Unity in Pasadena with Revs Charles and Marilyn Roth and we've missed very few Sundays since then.

Unity teachings helped me through some difficult times with money and I continue to see my blessings grow. They helped me to appreciate and love myself. Unity principles were not new to me. But they are everything I believe brought under one roof. It hasn’t always been easy to follow Unity principles. But I am a better person for it.