What We Believe

Our principles, values, vision and mission are the foundation of our actions. 

By allowing them to inspire our actions, we live more abundant and meaningful lives. 


Our Vision ( why we exist):

A world powerfully transformed through the growing movement of shared spiritual awakening.

Our Mission (how we apply our vision):

We teach and live spiritual principles that inspire shared awakening, transformation and service.

Our Core Values (primary motivators)


We choose to live aware of Spirit expressing in, through and as us. 


We evolve as we align with the unfolding of our Divine Essence.


We embrace all life with deep love and compassion.


We embrace all people as sacred expressions of the Divine

In Service

We compassionately serve our community and the world through our thoughts, words and actions.


Our 5 Basic Principles

  1. God is the one and only Source and creator of everything that exists. There is no other enduring power. God is not a being but an underlying Presence or Energy that is present everywhere.
  2. The Life of God lives in, through and as each person; expressing uniquely in everyone.  We are spiritual beings, having human experiences.  We are all inherently good.
  3. We create our life experiences through our thoughts, beliefs and feelings and having created them, we can change them.
  4. Affirmative prayer works to deepen our connection to God and change our life experiences.
  5. We must live and share these spiritual principles in order to grow and make a difference in the world.


More Basics

God is is not a being or a person having qualities. God is the quality itself. God is the one and only Source of all that is; the only Power; the only Presence; the Divine Energy of all creation.  In God, we live, move and have our being. In Unity, we recognize God by many names - Infinite Presence, Life, Light, Love, Source, Universal Mind andmany others.

We are each individualized expressions of God.  Our purpose is to discover, and express our divine nature as Jesus and other master teachers have. The more we awaken to our divine nature, the more fully we see God expressing in, through and as our lives.

We believe that Jesus was a man who expressed his divine potential and is an example for us to do the same.  We think of him as a master teacher of universal spiritual truths and use the term "Christ" to mean the divinity in humankind. Jesus is the great example of the Christ in expression, an example we area caplabale of repeating.

The Bible
In Unity we see the Bible as an history and allegorical text.  These we interpret metaphysically or metaphorically as representations of our individual and collective spiritual evolution. The Bible continues to be a valuable spiritual resource for us but it is not the only resource.  Inner knowledge is our greatest resource.