Until We Meet Again

June 23, 2017

Dear Unity friend,

As many of you know, my time at Unity of Greater Hamilton is ending.  My plans for letting go and moving on have come together enough for me to announce that my last Sunday will be August 13, 2017.  I will be available the remainder of that week to connect with you and to pack up the office.

Cynthia and I came to Hamilton in 2006 after serving a ministry in Virginia for six years.  We came excited about serving in Canada; about exploring a new culture; and about working with a new ministry.  We saw the potential of this community and its people and since then, we have been excited about supporting Unity of Greater Hamilton in expressing its divine purpose.  It is an ongoing and life long process.  I am confident that your purpose will come to fruition as you connect more deeply with who you really are, individually and collectively.

In the eleven years of serving this ministry, we have become part of each other.  We laughed and cried together.  We have learned and deepened our sense of self together.  We have grown and it has been a privilege to watch and support so many of you in your transformation.  I am grateful that you were there to support me in the exploration, discovery and expression of a new level of myself, as well.  I will miss your physical presence in my life.  Yet, because of our time together, we are richer people and we will never truly be apart.

I wish you and Unity of Greater Hamilton all the best and I will continue to hold you in my prayers.

With unconditional positive regard,


Rev Don Foster

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