Our History

Our History

1937 - 2012

In 1924 Unity came to Canada as study groups in the Greater Toronto area.  Then in 1937 classes started in Hamilton.  Rev Don Foster and Rev Cynthia Vermillion-Foster co-ministered Unity of Greater Hamilton until 2016 when Rev Cynthia was hired by the home office as Director of Member Services.  Today, Rev Don serves this growing community, in the words of Unity co-founder Myrtle Fillmore, with a "decidely eclectic" spiritual view.  Rev Don derives his spirituality from personal experience and the study of religions from around the world including but not limited to Christianity, Buddhism, Native American Spirituality, New Thought and New Age metaphysics.

From the Charter to the Mountain

Unity in Hamilton was officially chartered as a church on March 16, 1977 under the direction of Rev. Floyd Howard.  Respectively, Rev. Kathryn Garton, Rev. Marilou Smith, Licensed Unity Teachers Mildred Kennedy and  Betty Aitken led the community in understanding the New Thought teachings through the years.  Mrs. Aitken led the community to its first church home at 77 Victoria Ave. S. in December 1981. She became an ordained Unity minister in 1982 and was the spiritual leader until 1997, directing the church and retreat centre at 21 Rosedene Ave. overlooking the city and the lake. 

Rev Jane

The Board of Directors guided the church and retreat centre until 1999, when Rev. Jane (Drotar) Simmons became the senior minister.  She initiated a chaplaincy program, promoted community outreach and helped build a youth education program.  In cooperation with Unity of Kitchener and Unity of Mississauga, an Intensive Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) class program was started.  Rev Jane served until 2003. 

Rev Joy

Rev. Joy Young came in as Interim Minister from January—October 2005.  During her tenure, she initiated Sacred Circles and a memorable metaphysical musical of The Wizard of Oz was presented.   

Unity Hamilton Today

In September 2006,  Rev. Cynthia and Rev. Don began as co-ministers of Unity in Hamilton.  With Rev Don as the Spiritual Care minister and Rev Cynthia as the Lead minister, there was a renewed sense of community, purpose and direction.  As a result, a deep spiritual consciousness, an awareness that we are evolutionary spiritual beings arose.  Open, direct communication and a desire for practice spiritual principles in our day-to-day lives has brought a since of joy to this community that is practically tangible.  After Rev Don became our sole minister, there has been a conscious shift from doing church to being a spiritual hub for Hamilton.  We are moving forward with confidence towards personal and global transformation as we participate in the growing ovement of shared spiritual awakening. 

In our efforts to ignite the fire within each individual, we access a wide range of materials as the foundation of classes, acitivites and the Sunday Experience; from sacred text, to popular and cutting edge inspirational books.  The Sunday Experience is often participatory with community engagement in meaningful and transformational discussions.  Unity of Greater Hamilton is a community of inclusive and open-minded people who are seeking more meaningful and abundant lives and the chance to make a lasting difference through community action.  We invite you to come and be a part of our history.

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