A Spiritual Life

When I first found Unity, a close friend shared that she thought I was a very spiritual person.  I couldn’t see it.  I imagined that spiritual people meditated for hours and knew divine wisdom that I couldn’t begin to understand.  Through the classes, books and Sunday morning lessons, I discovered that being spiritual is not what you know, it’s who you are.  I learned that we are all connected through a sacred web and that God is in every strand.  Being spiritual is approaching life with this awareness, knowing that every person I encounter is divine. 

Before Unity, I was aware of “funny feelings” and “women’s intuition” but I lived in my head so I usually ignored those impulses.  Unity taught me that God speaks through those thoughts and feelings – they are the connection I was seeking.  Now I am very attuned to this Guidance and I seek it out by taking time regularly to connect with the Divine. 

Unity awakened in me awareness that God is everywhere, therefore everything is good.  I no longer see things as “bad” -- I look for the good.  I know that even when it’s difficult to see, the good is there and this has changed the way I look at tragedies and disappointments.

One of the greatest gifts of Unity has been the people I have met.  The members of our community share a deep desire to learn and grow spiritually.  We have loving relationships that cut through the superfluous to deep and authentic interactions.  It is a great joy to work with my Unity friends on projects that promote our beliefs. 

It’s been over fifteen years since I joined Unity and I can truly say that I am a spiritual person.  Unity has been a pivotal organization in supporting the growth of my spirituality and my perspective on the world.

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