Spiritual Counseling

The Purpose

Spiritual Counseling is different than psychotherapy.  Spiritual Counseling is founded on prayer and the belief that within each person there is Infinite Intelligence that provides the understanding, guidance, and answers we seek in life.  It is intended to help you tap into this Intelligence and navigate the events and changes of life with greater clarity, focus, ease and grace through supporting you in your spiritual growth.

While you seek answers to the deep questions in life, or desire a greater sense of direction, Rev Don will gently support you in developing a greater connection with Spirit so that you may hear your inner guidance.  He will guide you into discovering the truth, self-awareness and spiritual depth that will set you free from your restrictions in life. Your well-being matters.  So, let him walk with you along the path towards building a more fulfilling and meaningful life.


After the inital 3 sessions, it will be determined if more sessions are reqired or desired.  At that point mutually agreeable arrangements will be made between you and Rev Don.  Each session is approximately 60 minutes.


Spiritual counseling is not therapy.  For issues that would be better served by a therapist, social worker, psychologist or other professional, we will recommend that you seek support in that way.   


All sessions are held in the strictest confidence.  Whatever is shared between you and the counselor will not be shared with others, except where Provincial or moral law requires.  (Reporting is required when there is imminent harm to self or others, as well as cases of child and elder abuse).



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