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Emily Cady wrote in Lessons of Truth, "God is not a being or person having life, intelligence, love, power.  God is that invisible, intangible, but very real something we call life."  In Unity, we believe that God is the Energy, the Divine Source, the Ground of Being from which all things are made.  God is all there is. 

So, when we pray, we pray affirmatively.  Co-founder of Unity, Charles Fillmore said that affirmative prayer is "the most highly accelerated mind action" that we can undertake to commune with God and transform our lives.  When we pray affirmatively, we use statements that help us to bring our thoughts and feelings into alignment with the Principle of Truth - the energy and vibration of God.

Please enjoy the 10 minute guided meditation below presented by Rev Don. 

Piano accompaniment by Frances Gower and flute and meditation by Rev Don Foster.

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