Prayer for the World

The illuminating light of God guides our world leaders to make wise decision and take right action.  The radiant love of Spirit flows through all people establishing harmony and respect for all life. Conscious of our oneness with Spirit and each other we now send healing light wherever it is needed knowing that whenever one suffers, we all suffer.  Whatever the concern, whatever the situation, powerful currents of love and healing spread across the earth and the perfect resolution to every condition is manifested in the right time and right way.  Peace reigns in our hearts and in the world.

Whatever is happening in your life, we invite you to take a moment to become quiet and turn your thoughts away from the concern and know that there is nothing in your experience that is greater than the Creative Force.  The following words of inspiration and affirmation can be used during difficult times in your life.  They are intended to remind you of your true nature, your oneness with Spirit.  You are a magnificent being, growing into your full potential.  When you pray, know this in your heart and remember it often.



"I am calm, and confident as I move through my daily activities, for I know the Power of the Creator is with me always.  Everything is working to bring about the best for me."  

“I am so grateful for all the good that fills my life.  My attitude of gratitude fills my heart to overflowing and all is well. Thank You, God.”

"The healing power of divine love flows through me whole being.  I am healthy, happy and strong."

"Every area of my life is filled with the abundance of the universe.  I have enough time, money and energy to do whatever I want or need."

“All of my relationships fill my heart and nourish my soul.  Love overflows the chalice of my life."





Charles Fillmore Invocation

I am now in the presence of pure being and immersed in the Holy Spirit of life, love, and wisdom.  I acknowledge Thy presence and power, O blessed Spirit. In Thy divine wisdom now erase my mortal limitations, and from Thy pure substance of love bring into manifestation my world, according to Thy perfect law.

The Grace Prayer
by Rev Debbie Tyson

For Thee I thirst.
Into Thy hands I commit my spirit,
(My soul, my body, my life,
This problem, all unforgiven states).
Thy will is my will.
Thy will be done through me.
Heal me at depth.
Reveal that which needs to be revealed.
Heal that which needs to be healed
So I can glorify You, God,
And live in the fullness of grace.
It is finished.