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Care and Support


Rev Don Foster

From birth to death, we'll support you and your family through the joyful and sorrowful experiences of your lives.  We'll help you honour the important moments with dignity and respect.


Are you looking for a personalized wedding ceremony that reflects your preferences, life-style and beliefs? Do you want your wedding to be the best wedding you've ever attended? Contact us and we'll support you in making it happen.

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Rev Don provides Spiritual Care to individuals and groups through prayer, meditation and spiritual counseling.  Through a focus on the whole person, body, mind, emotions and spirit, each session offers positive support in moving through life and its challenges with greater ease and confidence.  Whatever the questions or challenges, the answers and solutions are within you and Rev Don will help you discover them.  Sessions are available face-to-face or by Skype and are by appointment only. 

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We think of death as a mystery; but it is life that is the great mystery.  Death is but the least‑understood of these mysteries and the loss of a loved one causes us to try to make sense of it all.  We grieve the loss of their physical presence; the day to day interactions; the personal connection.  So, in our memorial services, we provide an opportunity to express that grief; to celebrate the new stage of life they are moving into; and to give thanks for the life shared with us. Call for fees, grief support, or Spiritual Counseling (see above).



Spiritual Christenings and baptisms are performed for people of all ages.  This ritual is offered in acknowledgment of the Divine presence within and reminds us of the Pure Love from which we are all created.  Call for fees.

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