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I Am

If we are spiritual beings, expressions of Spirit, as I said yesterday, then in Christian terms we are also expressions of the Christ.  This is confusing for many people even those in Unity.  Other Christians talk about Jesus as the Christ.

Disco Ball Theory

Growing up, I tried to be who I thought my parents wanted me to be.  I blended in with my friends, adapting my personality because I didn’t want to be alone.  I was actually quite popular.  I wasn’t alone.  But I was lonely because no one knew who I was, not even me.  Years later, and after years of therapy and spiritual exploration, my sister said to me, "I like you more now that you like yourself more."  Since that time, I have come to like myself even more because I am no longer looking at myself as a huma

Everything and Nothing

As a child, I thought of God as a white, bearded man in the sky (think of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam) who looked down on the world and judged our behaviour.  He was a supernatural being who created everything, magically and commanded angels, weather, the stars and planets.  And if I was good, or if I prayed in the right way, God would intervene in my life and make everything better.  Some people still think this is true.  Some people think that Jesus was God and/or his only son whom he sacrificed so that we would be free of our sin.


God is in me and God is in you.  From the Spirit of God in me I see the Spirit of God in you.  I greet that place where we are one and bow to the spirit within you.  From the Spirit in me to the Spirit in you, I honor the place within us which is of love.


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