I Am

If we are spiritual beings, expressions of Spirit, as I said yesterday, then in Christian terms we are also expressions of the Christ.  This is confusing for many people even those in Unity.  Other Christians talk about Jesus as the Christ.   But, Jesus was the man who was born in Galilee.  He was a man who knew and learned to express his potential.  But he was a man and with human parents.  Christ is the potential.  Christ is spirit expressing in you and me and Jesus.  It is Pure Being expressing in, through and as us. 

Buddhists call it the Buddha Nature.  Some call it I Am, the Higher or True Self, or Essence.  Whatever you choose to call it, this is the light of God within everyone.  Fillmore said that it is “perfect man,” the ideal that we all aspire to, consciously or not.

Charles Fillmore said that there are 12 qualities that we can develop in order to better express the Christ in our lives: Life, Imagination, Power, Discernment, Understanding, Zeal, Elimination, Faith, Love, Order, Will, Strength. I invite you to select one of these and practice expressing it, today.

As you practice, you may find it helpful to use an affirmation.  For example, “The Life of God fills me with radiant energy.”  I Am the Christ.

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