Everything and Nothing

As a child, I thought of God as a white, bearded man in the sky (think of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam) who looked down on the world and judged our behaviour.  He was a supernatural being who created everything, magically and commanded angels, weather, the stars and planets.  And if I was good, or if I prayed in the right way, God would intervene in my life and make everything better.  Some people still think this is true.  Some people think that Jesus was God and/or his only son whom he sacrificed so that we would be free of our sin.

I'm not saying any of this is wrong.  But it doesn't work for me.  It doesn't make sense to my mind or heart.  God is the big question and I haven't found a term that doesn't conjure up images of something outside of myself, yet.  I toy with Essence, Infinite Presence and Spirit.  But they aren’t quite right.  Spirit is so much more than I can define.  But here is my attempt at putting the Infinite in a box so I can understand.  God, which is beyond our ability to fully understand, is the invisible, conscious energy that is the foundation of everything that exists. 

Imagine making a city with people, buildings, cars, animals, plants and so on.  You, the maker of this city and the material you use to make it, it’s all God.  The space between each item in the city is the Presence of God.  And God is the Life that brings animates it all.  God is everything and God is nothing.  God is the quiet, silent darkness that calls to me in my meditations; the emptiness and void where my awareness is both heightened and absent at the same time.  God is the love that I feel, the breath that I breathe, the yearning in my heart for something more.  God is everything, and nothing.  God is the big question.  What is God to you?

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