Look Behind the Scenes

By using affirmations repeatedly, we shift our thoughts and vibrations and open to unlimited possibilities.

You can change your life by changing your thoughts.  That's was my message yesterday and I briefly mentioned affirmations.  Affirmations are statements that remind us of the Truth.  Myrtle Fillmore's statement, "I am a child of God," is a common example.  But they can relate to any aspect of Truth from the Truth of who you are (I’m a child of God), to the Truth of your finances (There is no lack), to the Truth about your relationships (I’m in harmony with all life).  By saying them aloud, you create a resonant frequency that vibrates within your being and draws the Truth from within you and the world.  The more you use affirmations, the more your frequency aligns with Truth.

So you need to know, "What is Truth?"  Truth is God, Spirit, the Infinite Presence.  Truth is that unchanging and unchangeable energy that brings forth all that exists.  It is the Ground of Being, the Principle and Source of Life itself.  It is this and more than we can conceive of or put words to.  Statements that reflect this are the kinds of affirmations of Truth that change our thinking and therefore change our lives.

Let's say you want to have a greater sense of fulfillment in life, a common theme in our society.  You find yourself saying things like, "I am so bored with work, with my life.  I don't know what to do with myself."   If you can catch yourself in mid thought you can turn it around with an affirmation like this, "Even though I am feeling bored, I am open to the Infinite possibilities of this moment."  This helps to shift your thinking from "boring" to "What’s going on behind this scene?"  Plus, the frequency at which you are vibrating is raised and attracting new possibilities.  So, by using affirmations repeatedly, you shift your thoughts and vibrations and open yourself to the unlimited possibilities waiting for you.

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